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Millimeterwave transceiver system ???

工作頻率 ?32.0~38.0 GHz

Working frequency: 32.0 ~ 38.0ghz


Suitable for tokamak plasma device

  • 毫米波頻段
    Millimeter wave band
  • 4頻道信號采用相同通道同步工作
    Channel 4 signal USES the same channel to work synchronously
  • 多達128路獨立的I/Q接收信號接口
    Up to 128 independent I/Q receiving signal interfaces
  • 接收信號幅度可單獨調節
    The receiving signal amplitude can be adjusted separately
  • 標準19英寸機箱
    Standard 19-inch case


8 mm transceiver system by a transmission unit, two units, each unit adopts independent 19 inch case, through the high frequency microwave cable connection, directly produce multiple frequency millimeter wave signal, and at the same time, the different frequency multiple channel signals under the independent variable frequency to the I/Q output.


66 67






接收單元?Receiving unit

  • 每臺接收機具備8個獨立的通道
    Each receiver has eight separate channels
  • 每個通道微波接收端口獨立,同步接收4頻道信號
    Each channel microwave receiving port is independent and receives 4 channel signal synchronously
  • 各頻道抗擾抑制:優于35dB。
    Channel interference rejection: better than 35dB.
  • I/Q信號視頻帶寬:500kHz
    Video bandwidth of I/Q signal: 500kHz
  • I/Q信號視頻增益:0-20dB可調
    Video gain of I/Q signal: 0-20db tunable

發射單元 ?Launch unit

  • 四頻道同步工作
    Channel 4 works synchronously
  • 工作頻率覆蓋:32.0~38.0GHz
    Working frequency coverage: 32.0 ~ 38.0ghz
  • 四頻道獨立選通開關,可單獨工作
    4 channel independent selector switch, can work independently
  • 每個頻點的功率調節動態范圍:15dB
    Power adjustment dynamic range at each frequency point: 15dB
  • 發射微波相位噪聲:優于-80dBc/[email protected]
    Transmitting microwave phase noise: better than -80dbc/[email protected]

說明 Notes


This product is custom-designed. Please contact the manufacturer for details



C Band RF driver?system ??

工作頻率 ?3.7 GHz

Operating frequency: 3.7 GHz

  • 適用于托卡馬克等離子體裝置
    Suitable for tokamak plasma device
  • 連續波輸出輸出功率10W×8通道
    Continuous wave output power 10W x 8 channels
  • 各通道相位360°可調
    Each channel phase 360 ° is adjustable
  • 標準19英寸機箱
    Standard 19-inch case




3.7GHz microwave excitation source consists of frequency source unit, field controller unit, power divider unit and power amplifier unit

The unit is composed of 19 “2U chassis, connected by high frequency microwave cable and ST optical fiber.


遠程開關響應曲線 Remote switching response curve


頻譜曲線 Spectrum curve






  • 采用內部高精度基準源,輸出頻率精度優于5×10-8
    Using internal high precision reference source, the output frequency precision is better than 5 x 10-8
  • 輸出頻率具有高穩定性
    The output frequency is highly stable
  • 低相噪低雜散的輸出信號
    Low phase noise low stray output signal
  • 輸出功率最大可達連續波10W
    The maximum output power can reach 10W continuous wave
  • 寬線性區工作,可配合功率控制系統實現實時功率控制
    Wide linear zone can be used to realize real – time power control with power control system
  • 可在連續波模式工作,亦可通過外部觸發信號在脈沖模式工作
    It can work in continuous wave mode, or it can work in pulse mode through external trigger signal
  • 輸出功率具有高穩定性
    The output power is highly stable
  • 每路信號具備獨立的數字式移相功能,可在0~360°調節,調節步長8°
    Every road signals have independent digital phase-shifting function, can be adjusted in 0 ~ 360 °, adjust step 8 ° 64
  • 64以太網通信遠程控制功能
    Ethernet communication remote control function
  • 遠程關斷功能
    Remote shutdown function
  • 遠程相位控制功能
    Remote phase control function
  • 現場功率控制功能
    Field power control function
  • 遠程功率控制功能
    Remote power control function
  • 遠程功率檢測功能
    Remote power detection function
  • 遠程工作狀態監測功能
    Remote working status monitoring function

說明 Notes



This product is custom-designed. Please contact the manufacturer for details

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